Sunday, December 21, 2008

Need articles for our newsletter!!

We are seeking for your story, how you got started in your craft. Do you give to charity? Do you have a pattern that is yours you would like to share with HAIN? How about a poem, a funny? Anything? Please contact us ASAP

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Shack-A must read book

The Shack This book will surely change your life. Its a must read! Its for ALL to read!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

H.A.I.N. Children Division Donation

The children's division just donated to PAC (Pregnancy Crisis Center) in OR and Also to an ER in OR some sibling support bags..

Monday, November 24, 2008

How Heavenly Angels in Need started

This video was made in 2003 when H.A.I.N. first was started. The info is no longer accurate (address & phone) and the video is made a bit cheesy but I hope you enjoy...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Craft Buddies

Craft Buddies is a wonderful group who do many types of crafts, from needle work to woodwork. They are just crafters that chat, share and more. Some of their members decided to help H.A.I.N. and this is the second large donation this wonderful group has given to H.A.I.N. This is just a FEW pics of what they sent. There were lots and lots of donations.

Thank you Craft Buddies!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a HAIN members donation

I thought they were so pretty I had to share. These went to a Florida hospital.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Little hats for babies

These hats were made by Angie. She is a wonderful volunteer in H.A.I.N. These hats will warm a babies head and can save their life. If you are interested in knitting, crochet or sewing hats for premature babies please go on our website and see how you can help :)

Praying for the Unborn

Last night was a sad day for the unborn and for our nation. The unborn will be the sacrifice of our decisions. I am asking you as people to please get on your knee's and pray for the unborn, pray that the Lord protects them. Its not new that abortion exists. However what is going to be put into place is far worse. Many, many, many abortions all the way to term will take place and will be legal to do so. Infants who survive an abortion will be smothered, left to die or drown and it will be legal. Its a sad day for our nations infants. H.A.I.N. is about helping babies and children in need. We do not limit what babies mean. I do not feel that talking about abortion is political but about the dignity and rights of a human being.
I will not be quiet, I stand up to help ALL babies and children in need, no matter what gestation.
If you are interested in having a particular day for a prayer vigil for the unborn, please let us know!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wedding Gown to Burial Garment-We need seamstresses

We are needing seamstresses or basic sew-ers who would like to make blankets, quilts, burial gowns, burial rompers, burial wraps etc... out of wedding gowns, or other type formal gowns. If you are interested please join our craft forum. Once your approved there is a forum on our main forum just for the wedding gowns. You will find how to sign up for this specifically.

Here are a few things made from wedding gowns:

Consider it! We would be honored to have you!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Christmas Hat Drive

H.A.I.N is having a Christmas hat drive. This was mentioned in our Oct 2008 Newsletter you can find on our craft forum . We want Christmas hats i.e. Red/white santa hats, green and red hats, just all different Christmas colors of hats.

Please send your hats to
Heavenly Angels in Need
41300 Upper Calapooia Dr.
Sweet Home, OR 97386

All hats need to be sent either to the headquarters or send to a local hospital near you. Use our labels so hospitals can know to contact us for further donations. You can also find these on our craft forum.
Also send us an email with your name and address, the hospital you sent your donations to if not the headquarters. So we know who received Christmas hats!

The challenge is on!!! Email me and let me know your committing to this challenge. And how many hats you are going to try to do?

Thanks all for helping!

Friday, October 17, 2008

HAIN Quarterly Fall Issue 2008 available

HAIN Fall Newsletter available NOW HERE

HAIN Will always remember you Darcy Anne

Please leave a comment on Darcy's Annes blog for her family. HAIN is proud we could serve this family and will always remember their struggle with little Darcy. She lived 13 days with Trisomy 18. Darcy you are an inspiration to me and I will go back to your site all the time and remember and your a blessing. An angel in disguise.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OCT 15, 2008 Remember our angels in Heaven

Light a Candle for your baby tonight!

Remembering our angels. Loss of an infant, child or any family member is so hard on all of us. Please remember to understand that when someone needs to talk "let them".
Remember when the family who experienced loss needs to cry " let them".
Remember if they need to get mad "let them".
If they need to pray "let them".

Consider lighting a candle tonight at 7 pm tonight in memory of someone you love.
This month is infant loss awareness month!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crisis Pregnancy Center Arson fire

Yes a local crisis pregnancy center lost almost everything they own. An arsonist burned down their building with almost everything inside it!

Our charity is collecting

New or Gently used infant clothing from 0-12 months 1-4 T's
Hygiene products
(i.e. baby powder, shampoo, body wash)
Maternity clothing
Diaper Bags

Really anything you can buy for a baby shower...

You can even have them shipping to us if you order off line. If you go through amazon if you buy $25.00 worth of items you can get "FREE SHIPPING". Please consider helping HAIN stock up so we can load this center with all the items they lost (which is everything)

Send all items to

Heavenly Angels in Need
41300 Upper Calapooia Dr.
Sweet Home, OR 97386

To read about the fire
Here is a link to a newspaper article about the fire:

Here's another one from a TV station site (the paper in Albany redirected me here):

I already talked to PAC and because they do not have a building yet to store items we agreed to collect and store items until we heard from them on where to bring items. Please help us help this wonderful ministry of helping families touch the lives of those who need our help!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ebay/mission fish and HAIN

There is a listing of 2 items to benefit HAIN. They are donating 10% of the proceeds to HAIN each item.
The link above is our permanent link for any listing that benefits H.A.I.N. keep an eye out for more listings..or maybe ebay picking HAIN has a charity to benefit. Do a search for Heavenly angels in need and help HAIN!!

2 recent emergent request

We usually have a spreadsheet we have with lists of places to give to and our volunteers pick a place and just send something to a need off of the list. However randomly we receive an emergent request. One request recently was for a casket.
We were able to provide a family a casket we also sent burial clothes and a memory box. It was wonderful to see how our volunteers all came together to get this request done. And also the funeral home that helped donate a casket to this family who was in great need.
Then another came and with in the next day the parents were being sent a quilt, memory box, burial clothes, and more.. It was wonderful to see how quickly our volunteers were able to meet the needs of another emergent need.

I have to brag and say our volunteers are priceless!!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Serving bereaved families

Here are a few questions I am asking so we can serve bereaved families better as an organization. I am asking this from all who feel like speaking up!!

We offer memory boxes for parents after losing a baby (heavenly angels in need does). What type of art or sayings are appropriate for us to use to decorate on these boxes? What colors? What kind of thing would you want inside the box? Would you want something that has teddy bears, butterflies, Asian symbols, basically what is appropriate to you for us to decorate the boxes with?
Thank you for this. We are really working on striving to give what is needed and wanted. But want to ask direct from the families and whomever can help as much as possible!!
Also,we are also considering personalizing boxes. Like have parents send us a "copy" of a picture of their baby and we could decoupage the picture onto a box. This is for parents who did not get anything such as a memory box when they were at hospital. Not for parents who did.
What do you think about this idea?

Please leave a comment

Thursday, July 24, 2008

April and July Newsletter issue available

Please go check our newsletter out. If you want to contribute to any future issues. Please email us

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Site slowly going up and forums finally up

Ok we are slowly putting up our site and our forum boards are both up.

Craft Forum:
Comfort Forum:

Site so far
also .org works too...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

there is something there (webpage)

The invision people put one of our pages there but its the wrong page,, its one of our temple pages I haven't worked on yet :) I will switch it around later. At least it kinda shows what our website will look like right :) Just missing the most important stuff, the information!!! :)

They are still working on our forum boards, but I believe they will be done today! I really do. The IP Staff as you can tell is awesome. This one I think is addicted now to the challenge, he has been working on this full time from morning until I went on my evening walk he was still working on it, and from home!! Now you tell me if what we will be paying a month is well worth it then the 10 a month and no real tech support as we were goning to pay with Brinkster.
And our host before that was 90.00 a month and sometimes I never heard from her at all when I wrote with questions or needs. So I think 49 a month isn't to bad and they work their bottoms off until it is complete, and if I don't know how to do it, they will do it for me!!

So looking at our main website will give you an idea of what our pages will look like. Not our main intro page or our menu page, but the rest of the pages will look like that, but with info on them and pictures!

Monday, July 21, 2008

back ups and pulling hair out

The host said "everything about this is NOT BEEN EASY so far" You can always tell when the old devil is at work, cuz even the most educated can't even figure out what is happening and why! Its been nothing but an uphill battle trying to get anything to work. For some reason our databases we back up aren't working! That is so frustrating to me and the host! Then if that is not bad enough I have a few annoying flies that keep landing on me when I am trying to get something done here!!! lololololol MAN I CAN'T STAND FLIES!

So it looks like it could be longer to get this up and going. With the comfort forum we may end up having to start all over again! FROM SCRATCH! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

just waiting to hear from host

Right now I have been waiting and waiting. Sunday's they don't seem to respond so I am assuming they do not work on Sunday's. Now I am still waiting which is highly unusual to wait this long for them. I am assuming they must be swamped!

I can't seem to figure out how to publish my pages from the control panel. I know once I get it, I will get it! lol But as of right now I am clueless.

Also I am trying to get them to add my other domains and rid a couple subdomains they added. Frusterating, cuz I would do this myself by can't with out them enabling a setting that is disabled! Anyway .....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

hopefully tomorrow

Because its Sunday I am not getting a response to my questions which I understand. Anyway I at least got some of our email accounts to work (finally)!!

To write to

Regular HAIN email
Allyson (bereavement coordinator:
Angie "emsmommy"(member coordinator)
Cheryl "quiltmommy" (Spreadsheet coordinator)
Pauline "holiday angel" (children division president)
Brian (co founder)
Diana (Regions Coordinator)

This is all for now!

Now I am trying to learn how to even load the site. I mean i got all of it over there, now its trying to figure out how to publish it where you all see it! The forums should be up tomorrow!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I am getting the run around trying to get our .com site pointed to our new host, and our old host from before Brinkster won't respond to my request to move the .org site! I have no grace right now. I am so frustrated I feel like throwing myself to the floor and throwing a tantrum! Ok I can't use my email because our .com site isn't being pointed over to our new host becuase I do not have access to the old email I used when signing up for the account in 2003 to get our .com domain! Plus they can't email the info account to verify it there either. Then all of a sudden my suppose phone number they tried calling and my answering machine though on won't allow them to leave a message!

GIRLS I am HOT! I may need prayer cuz mamma bear is comming out of her cave. HAIN's reputation is at stake having it offline for so long I am p________________ed

Friday, July 18, 2008

purchased our new host package

I did finally purchase the package. Its 49.00 a month but its well worth it for the awesome support that we have experienced with these guys (with our forums).

Anyway it will be at least 24 hours however, due to waiting for our past host to point our domains to the new hosts and before the web catches up with it.

They are trying to get our forums loaded however!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gives us time

Being away from the forum gives us time to sit and do a craft for those sweet angels.
I continue to get more NILMDTS requests. Once we get back online I will post the needs.

I started a project awhile back for my cousin's baby. I am stuck in a spot I am not sure how to complete the project. Don't you hate that?

I am probably going to complete the newsletter. LOL I have never had such a problem producing something in my entire life. With all the million distractions it get put on the back burner every time.
I am needing to work on some baby projects for sure. Nice things about booties and hats, is they are fast and easy to complete.

My hubby and my kids and myself went on a walk yesterday. We decided to go swimming on the Calapooia River that runs next to our home. It was so nice. The kids had a blast and surprisingly it was not really cold at all. Its a suprise knowing that much of that water comes off the mountains surounding us.
Its so pretty here. I feel so fortunate to be blessed with this beauty. Its nice to see my kids enjoy life again. They were pretty depressed where we lived before!

When all life gets to me, all I have to do is walk. I need to go out in the shade and knit, that is what I need to do. I used to do that alot when HAIN first started. But then it got so busy that I simply stop taking the time to just relax.

You know being away makes me realize even more just how special our volunteers are. You work and work to give to others and not one of you complain! Your such a huge inspiration to me personally and to one another. Girls I miss you!

I should be working on the website too. Its hard to know what to do because I am not sure what to expect with our new server-hopefully soon!

Well I love you all and will post again soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our email's also down


As you may notice our emails are also down. We are waiting until our old host reimburses us which may not be until Friday. 2-3 business days. Once that happens we will go to invision right away. And should have our craft forum up ASAP. I will be working on changing the looks of it overtime too! Thank you Lord that is not to hard to do. Invision offers codes for doing that pretty quickly!

I will probably put up one page to our website just to get it on. And work on those slowly. I didn't have much time to do aything with all the email and problems with this last host!

Ayway just updating you.

Email my private email if you have any questions. I already sent an email to all of you with that info in it!

Love yeah Mary

While our site is down

Our site is down at the moment. We are rebuilding it! (And also getting a new host)

Anyway I miss all you HAIN addicted members. I know I am addicted...

Post a reply and let us know how you are..

Sunday, June 29, 2008

1 items SOLD

Well one of our items sold. I am happy it sold. The money is going towards the cost of a new host. This will be a huge blessing! More space and options for alot less money!
Anyway What a blessing

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Burma" Thailand Can you help? I bet you can!

Thailand is suffering right now from a horrific storm that has taken the lives of thousands of people. The Burmese people who were already being abused by their own abusive governement is now being held from getting the help they need to survive. Thousands of babies and children are dying from starvation, war from a corrupt governement, homelessessness and no medical care. Many Nations have offered help to this country and they are not allowed to help.
Please dig into your deep pockets and offer help. We ask that you give to these recommended charities

Operation Blessing

World Vision

Both are giving directly to the people in Burma.

Please visit Front Films Keep up to date with the people of Burma!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

True Hero's

I was invited by Kirk Kief himself to a photography training session in Portland Oregon. Kirk is from Florida but has been traveling around for an organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS).I found Kirk to be friendly, kind and gentle hearted. He made me feel welcome to be there. I was honored to have been invited to this session.Kirk asked me to say something at an appointed time. I am not well with speaking in public. I was nervous and I know it showed.
The session had much to learn from. My husband Brian also went and was glad he did.

My point of why I am writing this was what keeps coming back to me. When I learned more details of what the photographers see sometimes in those private moments in the room with the family, the compassion they feel for the families I then realized even more then before many things about volunteers that truly give with their hearts through NILMDTS, H.A.I.N. and so many other organizations are true hero’s. They are the ones who change the world. Mold the world. They give, share, serve and love others. They would lend out a hand to someone in need. Not turn a nose to a hurting person. Those are the people who are making history. Right now they may not be seen in the public light but those who know them see the true hero’s they are. I once heard a hero is someone who doesn’t know it. Well I have seen hero’s there at the session and everyday working with them online and in person.Thank you volunteers for what you do to help others in need.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wedding Gowns comming in CALL ALL SEAMSTRESSES

We need seamstresses or basic sewer's to help our charity!


If you can sew join us: This is our craft site! See how you can sew and touch lives.
If you want to take on a challenge and make garments out of wedding gowns. JOIN US! We need you.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

H.A.I.N. Moved

Please update your address book
Heavenly Angels in Need
41300 Upper Calapooia Dr
Sweet Home, OR 97386

Thank you

Thursday, January 24, 2008

HAIN WINTER Newsletter Available
Let me know if you like the newsletter. If your ever interested in doing a story or adding an article, even a pattern let us know.
Sincerely, Mary GlynnH.A.I.N. Founder