Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gives us time

Being away from the forum gives us time to sit and do a craft for those sweet angels.
I continue to get more NILMDTS requests. Once we get back online I will post the needs.

I started a project awhile back for my cousin's baby. I am stuck in a spot I am not sure how to complete the project. Don't you hate that?

I am probably going to complete the newsletter. LOL I have never had such a problem producing something in my entire life. With all the million distractions it get put on the back burner every time.
I am needing to work on some baby projects for sure. Nice things about booties and hats, is they are fast and easy to complete.

My hubby and my kids and myself went on a walk yesterday. We decided to go swimming on the Calapooia River that runs next to our home. It was so nice. The kids had a blast and surprisingly it was not really cold at all. Its a suprise knowing that much of that water comes off the mountains surounding us.
Its so pretty here. I feel so fortunate to be blessed with this beauty. Its nice to see my kids enjoy life again. They were pretty depressed where we lived before!

When all life gets to me, all I have to do is walk. I need to go out in the shade and knit, that is what I need to do. I used to do that alot when HAIN first started. But then it got so busy that I simply stop taking the time to just relax.

You know being away makes me realize even more just how special our volunteers are. You work and work to give to others and not one of you complain! Your such a huge inspiration to me personally and to one another. Girls I miss you!

I should be working on the website too. Its hard to know what to do because I am not sure what to expect with our new server-hopefully soon!

Well I love you all and will post again soon!


Anonymous said...

I miss everyone too! Hoping everyone is well and that we'll soon be back together?!?


HAINAngel2000 said...

Nadette, I miss you too. It won't be long now!

Samantha (26Trombones) said...

Oh Mary, that walk and swim sounds so wonderful! It is so important to take time to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful surroundings God has made just for us! :) What a refreshing way to recharge our batteries! Maybe you can make a goal that you spend at least half an hour or so knitting outside in the shade 2-3 days a week. Make good use of this lovely weather while it lasts!

I was wondering if you all could pray for my two friends, one is driving many hundreds of miles today to visit family (they have 3 little kids including a baby who will probably not be too happy to sit in carseats all day long--and she's also pregnant and having fatigue and nausea). My other friend is also newly pregnant and spotting. Her hCG levels are supposed to come back from the lab today and she will see if things are alright or not (she's also going to ask for a progesterone test). This would be her 4th baby (the others all were born healthy, no problems with the pregnancies).

Thanks so much!! Miss you all!! :)

HAINAngel2000 said...

Samantha, Of course we would be honored to pray for your friends!

I might just do the knitting thing outside more. I need too. I had to put away my other project until I can figure out what the pattern is asking me to do ahhggg.
I started a hat so hopefully I can get that knitted up sometimes today!

My hubby and myself are going on a dinner date to his bosses retirement party tomorrow evening. My mom (holiday_angel) agreed to watch the kids. It will be nice to kinda get away.

I need to eat lunch and clean house!
Off for now...

HAIN Holiday_Angel said...

I am hoping to get back on line soon too and have missed everyone. I have just posted about Heavenly Angels in Need on the site. Hope it gleans a few new members too.
My daughter, Lori, is doing much better and we have been enjoying spending some relaxing times together.
I have knitted one sweater and on the second since I came in the suburbs to spend time with her. She works for the City so is gone most of the day.
Hope to get a hold of my other grandkids and puppy dogs I missed when I get back out in the country for the weekend. The following weekend we have a family reunion to enjoy!
I will surely keep your friends in my prayers,as well as our members, Samantha. Nice to hear from you Nadette.
We will be back on line before you know it!
Hugs and love to all,

Cheryl said...

I am missing the forum and everyones posting too. It's amazing how much priority I put on checking the forum each morning and evening to see what was happening in my friends' lives and now I really miss not knowing what is going on --- guess I am just nosy LOL!!!
Mary, your walk and swim sound like just what you and your family needed. I so enjoy sitting out on our patio, knitting and enjoying the birds and quiet. I agree with Samantha --- you really need to make it a priority to do it a couple times a week. I just feel so much more refreshed and rejuvinated.
I have a friend coming over for lunch today so am looking forward to that.
Hope to see everyone back on the forum in no time at all!!!

Love and hugs,
Cheryl :-)