Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crisis Pregnancy Center Arson fire

Yes a local crisis pregnancy center lost almost everything they own. An arsonist burned down their building with almost everything inside it!

Our charity is collecting

New or Gently used infant clothing from 0-12 months 1-4 T's
Hygiene products
(i.e. baby powder, shampoo, body wash)
Maternity clothing
Diaper Bags

Really anything you can buy for a baby shower...

You can even have them shipping to us if you order off line. If you go through amazon if you buy $25.00 worth of items you can get "FREE SHIPPING". Please consider helping HAIN stock up so we can load this center with all the items they lost (which is everything)

Send all items to

Heavenly Angels in Need
41300 Upper Calapooia Dr.
Sweet Home, OR 97386

To read about the fire
Here is a link to a newspaper article about the fire:

Here's another one from a TV station site (the paper in Albany redirected me here):

I already talked to PAC and because they do not have a building yet to store items we agreed to collect and store items until we heard from them on where to bring items. Please help us help this wonderful ministry of helping families touch the lives of those who need our help!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ebay/mission fish and HAIN

There is a listing of 2 items to benefit HAIN. They are donating 10% of the proceeds to HAIN each item.
The link above is our permanent link for any listing that benefits H.A.I.N. keep an eye out for more listings..or maybe ebay picking HAIN has a charity to benefit. Do a search for Heavenly angels in need and help HAIN!!

2 recent emergent request

We usually have a spreadsheet we have with lists of places to give to and our volunteers pick a place and just send something to a need off of the list. However randomly we receive an emergent request. One request recently was for a casket.
We were able to provide a family a casket we also sent burial clothes and a memory box. It was wonderful to see how our volunteers all came together to get this request done. And also the funeral home that helped donate a casket to this family who was in great need.
Then another came and with in the next day the parents were being sent a quilt, memory box, burial clothes, and more.. It was wonderful to see how quickly our volunteers were able to meet the needs of another emergent need.

I have to brag and say our volunteers are priceless!!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Serving bereaved families

Here are a few questions I am asking so we can serve bereaved families better as an organization. I am asking this from all who feel like speaking up!!

We offer memory boxes for parents after losing a baby (heavenly angels in need does). What type of art or sayings are appropriate for us to use to decorate on these boxes? What colors? What kind of thing would you want inside the box? Would you want something that has teddy bears, butterflies, Asian symbols, basically what is appropriate to you for us to decorate the boxes with?
Thank you for this. We are really working on striving to give what is needed and wanted. But want to ask direct from the families and whomever can help as much as possible!!
Also,we are also considering personalizing boxes. Like have parents send us a "copy" of a picture of their baby and we could decoupage the picture onto a box. This is for parents who did not get anything such as a memory box when they were at hospital. Not for parents who did.
What do you think about this idea?

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