Monday, September 01, 2008

Serving bereaved families

Here are a few questions I am asking so we can serve bereaved families better as an organization. I am asking this from all who feel like speaking up!!

We offer memory boxes for parents after losing a baby (heavenly angels in need does). What type of art or sayings are appropriate for us to use to decorate on these boxes? What colors? What kind of thing would you want inside the box? Would you want something that has teddy bears, butterflies, Asian symbols, basically what is appropriate to you for us to decorate the boxes with?
Thank you for this. We are really working on striving to give what is needed and wanted. But want to ask direct from the families and whomever can help as much as possible!!
Also,we are also considering personalizing boxes. Like have parents send us a "copy" of a picture of their baby and we could decoupage the picture onto a box. This is for parents who did not get anything such as a memory box when they were at hospital. Not for parents who did.
What do you think about this idea?

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