Tuesday, April 29, 2008

True Hero's

I was invited by Kirk Kief himself to a photography training session in Portland Oregon. Kirk is from Florida but has been traveling around for an organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS).I found Kirk to be friendly, kind and gentle hearted. He made me feel welcome to be there. I was honored to have been invited to this session.Kirk asked me to say something at an appointed time. I am not well with speaking in public. I was nervous and I know it showed.
The session had much to learn from. My husband Brian also went and was glad he did.

My point of why I am writing this was what keeps coming back to me. When I learned more details of what the photographers see sometimes in those private moments in the room with the family, the compassion they feel for the families I then realized even more then before many things about volunteers that truly give with their hearts through NILMDTS, H.A.I.N. and so many other organizations are true hero’s. They are the ones who change the world. Mold the world. They give, share, serve and love others. They would lend out a hand to someone in need. Not turn a nose to a hurting person. Those are the people who are making history. Right now they may not be seen in the public light but those who know them see the true hero’s they are. I once heard a hero is someone who doesn’t know it. Well I have seen hero’s there at the session and everyday working with them online and in person.Thank you volunteers for what you do to help others in need.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wedding Gowns comming in CALL ALL SEAMSTRESSES

We need seamstresses or basic sewer's to help our charity!


If you can sew join us: http://haincraftforum.org This is our craft site! See how you can sew and touch lives.
If you want to take on a challenge and make garments out of wedding gowns. JOIN US! We need you.