Sunday, June 11, 2006

Working on!!

I am working on a beautiful gown I am designing I am calling Rose Petals, This gown is going to pretty when it is done. But will be more work. But well worth it. I hope you check back soon to see if its done. I will post it and you can request it. The only area my new patterns will be posted will be on our members area exclusivly for HAIN members. However I will send anyone requesting the gown or anything else I make. All will be posted here letting you know that I designed something else.

I appreciate any comments to let me know if there is ever an error in anything I make. And with all my designs. They are created simple to read and hopefully I have designs that are simple to make as well as challenging ones for those who need them.
They are made where I do not post color. I leave this all up to you to make it your own. Have fun with my designs!
God Bless you all Mary

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Bless you all-Mary