Saturday, December 23, 2006

A donation I recieved

These are just a few beautiful items a wonderful HAIN volunteer made for babies in need. There were more in the box, it was such a pleasure to receive this donation I know will bless the families of these babies! Thank you Virginia for caring so much about others in need!!!
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Thursday, December 21, 2006


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Heavenly Angels in Need charity is here to serve all babies, children and their families in need. We knit, crochet, sew, craft and more to try and fill every need possibleWe serve Children's hospitals, hospitals with Neonatal Intensive care units, Pregnancy Crisis Centers, Shelters, Foster care, emergent situations and more. We are helping grieving families by supplying them with much needed burial and memorial items. We give clothing, blankets, hats, booties, care bags, and more to all babies and children in need. We are reaching out to the World sharing the Love of God through giving. Heavenly Angels in Need mission is to help every baby and child who need.

If you have an Ebay account you can sell to help our charity!! Here is the link to go to on ebay and then pick our registered charity on Mission Fish/Ebay

Heavenly Angels in Need (search for us)

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Buy or sell on eBay to support Heavenly Angels in NeedClean out your closet and help Heavenly Angels in Need touch the lives of babies and children in need all over the world.

EBay users: Here's a new way to give!

If you do not want to Ebay to help HAIN but have a credit/debit card and want a safe secure way of donating finances to a federally recognized 501 c 3 charity please donate to Heavenly Angels in Need through click on the button below to donate to HAIN

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Thank you for helping a good cause!

Sincerely, Mary Glynn

We offer a receipt so please hurry before this year ends!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Are you a giver? Or receiver?

This is a question I want you to ask yourself.

So what is your answer?

I run a Nationwide charity and see people come and go, people with good intentions and people who simply do not care. We also have met people who are just givers who care so much about others in need.

This Christmas is one we are excited about because all can be involved!!

If your a giver you will jump on this.

Only 1 donation not much to ask.You can donate money if its easier. Look on our blog or our website and donate with a credit card & debit card safely and securly with button on either site!

What if that does not appeal to you well do you have a store near you?

You can send a new toy, coat, clothes whatever to Heavenly Angels in Need or ask for the direct area we are donating for this year I can send you the address. (Be sure to wrap your present!! no war toys please, because of where these kids have been.

Who are we serving for Christmas?

We have refugees from Thialand (Burma) families with children who have nothing! Literally.

Thay have never had or heard of Christmas before. Think about it!! Your children with nothing, if that doesn't affect you what will??
I know you will probably have good intentions and even offer to help, but will you follow through?

Will your kids go without this year? Probably not, even our poorest children in the US are far richer then these children. Please watch real video's of some of these families we are covering

If you think you have nothing to offer please think twice!!

Like I said we can send you the direct address to where to send the items or send them to

Heavenly Angels in Need
P.O. Box 2394
3113 Columbine St.
Lebanon, OR 97355
Need a reciept please log in when you have made a donation to and fill out the form.

We are a 501 c (3) charity and would be more then willing to send you a reciept.

God bless you this holiday season!!
Mary Glynn

Monday, November 06, 2006

yet again another myspace member

We have been blessed again by another myspace member who has been crocheting away for babies in need.

These are a few pictures of what Amber R. donated. It was so nice receiving these lovely booties, little sweater that was adorable!! And the hats.. She even donated some gloves for kids. GREAT JOB Amber and thank you!!
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OCT 2006 Fall Issue


Hurry, Hurry, Hurry READ ALL ABOUT IT!!

Click here to get newsletter

Let me know what you think! If you would like to contribute to a future newsletter or be a permanant contributer let me know! If you have a pattern to share or a story we need you!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Space "Whats the Big Deal"

So many people are bashing myspace and because the news batrays bad people that may be members of myspace! Does it really mean that all who use it are bad?

Well if you will not join your charity because you are afraid of people like that then you are really mislead. Our charity are proud members of We joined and I promote our charity on myspace. There are so many untouched crafters there who are falling all over themselves to help. Who have never heard of charities like ours! Well HAIN feels like no matter what you beleive if your willing to help us help others then we will reach out to touch you whereever you are. I suppose if Christ only hung around the Holy then who would need to be touched!
Well having that attitude we have not only met some of the most amazing people but have found that 100's of other Orgnizations and minitries are also using myspace as a tool to reach the hurting! Yes hundreds maybe thousands! Ok another way to look at it is "no matter where you go you will find bad people" so does that mean you shouldn't get on the computer! No its how you use the computer as a tool for your purpose! Do I allow my children on myspace, yes with me because you have to really seek out the bad to get the bad. And besides there is a ban option for banning people you do not want.
Myspace is as personal, fun, and good as you make it yourself! You can have a page of all Christian based or whatever your design option you chose to make it! Ok so you have to learn how to copy html codes thats not hard once you learn it!
So really its the fear of the unknown that bothers you! Well Then maybe you should live in fear and not reach out to many who are willing to be a big part of minitries like ours. But we have had way over 60 new members with in a short 3 months time join HAIN! Because HAIN is here to reach out to others in need, we are not to good and above anyone. Were just here to serve!
Here is a few pictures of 1 myspace friend of things she donated!!

Pictures of Items Virginia M. Donated Oct 17, 2006 (HTML codes off of Photobucket)
Burial Gown with Bonnet and Booties
Tag: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Boy Sweater with hat and booties (She donated 2 sets like this)
Tag: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Girl Sweater Sets with hat and booties (She actually donated 3 sets all together)
Hats (She actually donated 4 hats all together)
She also donated 3 infant afghans

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A HAIN volunteer

We have a wonderful lady named Anna Vandenhazel. She is a great volunteer and she lives in Utah and every year comes to see her mom who lives in the same town as we do. Anyway I took a few pictures and wanted to share with you!

This is Me (Mary) and Anna!!

Infant Loss Awareness month

Please watch write the msnbc to give a voice to infant loss

Please send their brochure to hospitals near you
They take professional photographs of a baby whom passed away or is passing away free to parents.
To help our organization give burial garments, memory boxes, caskets to parents who cannot afford to bury their baby.We even accept wedding gowns, prom gowns and other material type to make burial garments out of.

We need sewn, knitted, crochet burial garments!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Garbage Bag Holder

Materials: Bernat 100% Cotton yarns (or other types you prefer)
Size 8 Circular Knit needles.

CO 70 stitches (If you decide for a long tube instead of the short round then CO less stitches making sure its an even amount) Put a marker or use a different color yarn to seperate the beg row from the end.

Since this is worked in the round you do not need to purl stitches it will be stockenette with just knitting each row.

Knit 2 rows
(eyelet row)then Knit 2 tog, YO, Knit 1. Repeat until end of row.
Then knit all rows until the bag holder is the size you prefer. I made mine about 10 to 14 inches.
Then when the holder is the size I prefer
you Do another eyelet row.
Then knit 2 more rows.
then BO all stitches across.

Make 2 chains (Top chain needs to be longer)(crochet, by hand or whatever way you prefer) weave a chain in the top eyelet row and the bottom. The bottom eyelet row you genetly leave loose so you can pull your bags through it (make tie close to bag)and with the top chain you weave through and lightly tie towards the top of the bag making it where you can hang the bag. So make it where you can tie and untie as needed to hang it where you choose. Weave in ends..

Load the garbage bags in the top (wal-mart bags) If your using this in babies room, kitchen or even the bathroom to use for a washcloth holder its up to you have fun with it!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


"Now I lay me down to sleep"(NILMDTS)

This is a wonderful non-profit 501 c (3) charity that serves grieving families by taking professional pictures of baby and parents they may have passed away or is dieing from various problems and comlications.

Hundreds of prefessional phographers from around the US volunteers their services to these families. No fees are charged for the photos taken. The parents are given all right to these photographs.

If you are a hospital who would like to offer these to your patients please contact this loving organization today.
If you are a photographer who would like to volunteer for this Organization please visit their website today!!

A my space advertisement

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Heavenly Angels in Need is a wonderful warm loving charity that cares for babies no matter how small to children all the way to 18 years old. (We are a 501 c3 charity and can offer receipts for all donations)

Our mission is to serve anyone that comes our way!

We need crafters who knit, crochet, sews, paints and more!
Ok so you don't craft what can you do?
Well we need
1. Monetary donations- You can visit our website and commit to give monthly or a onetime donation [levels of giving program]
2. SKB (Special kids bags)- where we need hygiene products, bags to put items in, pajamas, bottles,diapers,books,games (remember we give to all ages)
these bags are created to give to children taken out of trauma such as abuse, fire, car accidents etc.. we have a better list on our needs for this [printables button on our website]
3. We need woodworking supplies [you can order supplies and have them shipped to us]
4. We need school supplies and backpacks
5. We need toys
6. We need Office Supplies
7. We need t-shirt transfer paper
8. We need you to advertise for us
9. We need magazine com panies to do an article on HAIN
10. We need you to join us if you would like to be APART of an awesome charity that serves others in need

If your interested in advertising we have tons of banners on my profile. Pick a number and I can send you the code!

Here is a short video your welcome to put on your site or watch too see more of what we do!

Get this video and more at

to get code :

Or pretend you are replying back to this message. Copy code then post in your profile!

Thank you all for your help. We can't touch families or the hurting if we don't have help of volunteers!
HAIN is ran by volunteers and needs volunteers!
our email :

Sincerely, Mary Glynn

Heavenly Angels in Need
P.O. Box 2394
Lebanon, OR 97355

Your donation will help thousands of lives! Anything you can offer will help no matter how big or small!
We have paypal on our website or send us a check or money order!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Enemy Came

Families on the run from recent Burmy Army offensives in Karen State.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hum, Teaching kids!!

I was talking to our kids school Secretary about HAIN and teaching kids in my daughters class knitting and looming. And having a tour of the PICU wards where these kids can see what we do and why and who we help. And she thinks the teacher will love it!
Teaching children to give to others in need and also keeping the knitting tradition going!! Isn't that great???

Monday, September 04, 2006

While camping

While camping I knitted 2 hats and a pair of booties. Here is a picture of 1 hat and a pair of booties I made. All out of my head of course.

You can read more on our camping trip

These knitted items are to be donated to

If you would like the pattern just let me know! Blessings, Mary

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

General needs for HAIN

These can all be sent to the HAIN address

This list is for the Headquarters, Divisions, and Stations. All the above list can apply to any station who adopted the Divisions as part of their mission. Not all stations will adopt each Division. Please ask station if this kind of donation will be beneficial. If not then another station may need what your offering. Contact the headquarters to find out another stations needs.
All Divisions and Stations and the Headquarters need office supplies.
Office Supply list:
Printer/Copier Paper
Printer & copier Ink (Ask for type)
Card Stock paper
Stationary type paper (or kits)
Thank you cards
Paper Clips (or other type clips)
Files cabinets (or carry along type)
Receipt books (carbon type better)
Manuel binder machines
Manuel Punch holes machine
Business type briefcase/bag
New Microsoft Office Software
Other software may be acceptable
Lap tops
Cameras for taking pictures of donated goods
Memory cards
Flash drives
Monetary Donation off all sizes
Scotch tape
Packing tape
All items listed in the needs section is needed by all stations and the Headquarters.

Casket Division Needs

Casket Division
P.O. Box 2394
Lebanon, OR 97355

Casket Div Needs

Wood (All types needed)
Wood Glue
Stain (all colors needed)
Satin type material
Quilt batting (all types of batting needed)
(Toy filling)
Ty type toy (or small type toys)
Wood working tools and machines
Sealer all types needed
Paint type brushes
Paint (Appropriate colors needed)
(Marble type paint needed)
Sewing Machines (for making padding and pillows for caskets)
Measuring tape
Casket design type patterns or books
Drafting material for casket designing
(Scent packets to put in casket)

Memory Box Division Needs

Memory Box Division
3079 M. Avenue
N. English, Iowa 52316

MB Needs

Paper M ache` boxes all sizes and shapes needed
Wooden Types
(stains:all colors needed)
Acrylic paint (All colors)
Various types of paint (all colors needed)
Paint Brushes (All sizes needed)
Material (Cloth)
Mod Podge Glue
(Glue: all kinds needed)
Lace (All sizes and colors)
Satin type material
Musical parts (to create a musical memory box)
Felt (all colors needed)
Stencils (all types needed)
Rub on type stickers/stickers (Appropriate type)
All Scrapbook type decor`
Small scrapbooks to create for parents
Journals for grieving moms
Small picture frames
Cameras (Disposable type)
Ty type toys (small enough toy to put in box)
Card Stock paper (to make nice certificates and labels)
All types of d├ęcor (appropriate for occasion )
Sealer (Spray and paint on types)
Bereavement cards
Beads for making memory bracelet's or rosaries
(or finished)
Other memorial items considered
Any Burial type clothing (all sizes needed)

Childrens Division

Send items to
Childrens Division
3113 Columbine St.
Lebanon, OR 97355

Childrens Division needs

For SKB or other emergent situations
Shampoo: You can send all types of shampoo since we serve ages 0-18 years old
Lotion: All types are OK
Tooth Brush
Baby Wipes
Soap: All types are OK
Deodorant: Girl/Boys
Dental Floss
Razors: Disposable
Feminine Pads: You can purchase cleaning wipes for teen girls as well
Hair Ties
Lip glosses/Chap stick
Hair Products: all optional
If we forgot an item or if you can think of other items to send all are welcome
All clothes we will offer in our bags need to be new. However the Children's Division will take gently used clothes but they will not be used in bags.
Shirt: All sizes Needed
Pants: “ “
Sleepers: NB-Toddler sizes
Bib: NB-Toddler sizes
PJ's: All sizes needed
T-shirts: All sizes Needed [ Onesies for baby]
Socks: All Sizes needed
Shoes: All sizes Needed
Coats: All sizes Needed
Dresses: All sizes needed
Underwear/Panties: All sizes needed
Cameras (disposable types are fine)
Books (all ages)
Toys (all ages)
Holy Bibles
Stationary kits (don't forget stamps)
Rated G/PG Movies (To donate to children's hospital's)
Learning computer games
Learning laptop type computers
Learning Booklets k-12
[not sure spelling of all games]
NO Dungeon and dragons, role playing games,wejia board (Magic,witch craft etc..)No violent type games of any type
Games allowed are:
Wheel of fortune (etc..)
Battery type games (hand held)
School Supplies
Glue (bottle and stick)
Paper (all types)
Crayon box holders
Colored Pencils
Paint (All types)
Tissue (Kleenex)


Send all items to
Heavenly Angels in Need
P.O. Box 2394
Lebanon, OR 97355

Needs List
In this section we will have several different types of needs listed. There will be a list for volunteer donors, business donors and other types of needs HAIN has and will continue to have. This will be a handy resource guide to you to use.
Part a. Typical infant needs in NICU's
ISOLETTE BLANKETS - 18" x 18", 20" x 20", 22" x 22"
SOFT HATS - knit, crochet, sewn (Fabric hats: fleece is OK for newborn size, soft knit fabric ONLY for preemie. Open-top hats
BOOTIES - mainly for going home gifts
BURIAL GOWNS, WRAPS, AND BUNTINGS - all sizes - soft colors and white
KIMONOS - larger preemies to newborn
SACQUES - larger preemies to newborn
GOWNS - larger preemies to newborn
ROMPERS - larger preemies to newborn (if made open in the back, these are also good for burial clothes for boys, with a cap, booties, and perhaps a blanket)
SOFT TOYS - simple flannel teddy bears are fine - these are greatly prized by most nurseries
GOING HOME outfits and layettes -larger preemies to newborn
SWEATER SETS - all sizes - please put size on tag
CHANGING/LAP PADS - - 15" - 18" square, 15x24 and 18x24
ONESIES - (if made open in the back, these are also good for burial clothes for boys, with a cap, booties, and perhaps a blanket)
12" x1 2" ALL THE WAY TO 36" x 36" for quilts and blankets [hospitals use these sizes for many reasons including wrapping baby in after he/she passes away.])

We need volunteers!

You don't have to join the forum to volunteer! You can have your own blog or website. Doesn't matter to me!
I am re designing the rose pedal gown I am creating. I just didn't like how the other one turned out!
We would be honored to have our blog or website mentioned on your website or blog. We would be proud to exchange links!

If you have any pattern I deas you would like to see me create let me know. I will do my best. My brain for now is not working! So ideas would be handy!

Bless you all, Mary

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Newsletter available!

Our newsletter is available to all
My angels wings pattern is in this issue as well as a couple others.

Anyone who wants to donate a pattern to HAIN it would be appreciated!!
Send it to

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Still working on gown

I am in a delay for finishing the gown. But will keep working on it!

News Updates

Heavenly Angels in Need is now offering news updates! Its easy and free and everyone can sign up!
Its so conveniant to get news right to your inbox!

Please go to on our front page is a sign up area!

You will receive News, Poems, Stories, Encouragement, Facts, Jokes, Patterns, And so much more! You can alway unsub if you don't wish to receive anymore news! It won't hurt! Sign up today!! Please forward this to all your friends Sincerely, Mary Glynn

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Working on!!

I am working on a beautiful gown I am designing I am calling Rose Petals, This gown is going to pretty when it is done. But will be more work. But well worth it. I hope you check back soon to see if its done. I will post it and you can request it. The only area my new patterns will be posted will be on our members area exclusivly for HAIN members. However I will send anyone requesting the gown or anything else I make. All will be posted here letting you know that I designed something else.

I appreciate any comments to let me know if there is ever an error in anything I make. And with all my designs. They are created simple to read and hopefully I have designs that are simple to make as well as challenging ones for those who need them.
They are made where I do not post color. I leave this all up to you to make it your own. Have fun with my designs!
God Bless you all Mary

Hey we would appreciate anyone who would leave our banner on their site. Advertising for us is just as helpful as being a member!
Bless you all-Mary

Monday, May 15, 2006


I may not beable to put my patterns here for as it does not allow file sharing. I use pdf format for all my patterns. All my patterns will be in HAINs member area and it takes a password to access them I made this blog hoping to share my patterns with my patterns fans :) .

I hope to hear from someone on how to share my files. I can post what I have and have you all request the pattern. I can send them over email!

Here is my latest!!
To get pattern write

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I will be sharing

I will be sharing Knit patterns as well as pictures exc! You will and can find all of my patterns on our website! .
You can share patterns with us [donate] this means any pattern you donate is for HAIN to use in our newsletter, on our website exc.. All for charitable use.

Come back frequently you will find patterns and posts! We would love to hear from you!

Who is Heavenly Angels in Need?

I started this blog to advertise more for my Organization Heavenly Angels in Need. You can go read more at our website we also have a wonderful forum board to join other volunteers in what we do! And that is to knit, crochet, sew and craft for babies and children in need.

You do not have to know how to do a craft to be a member. You can be a faithful donor, prayer warrior, help on our newsletter or designing t-shirts or even advertise for us.

We need volunteers today who want to actively help HAIN.