Sunday, November 26, 2006

Are you a giver? Or receiver?

This is a question I want you to ask yourself.

So what is your answer?

I run a Nationwide charity and see people come and go, people with good intentions and people who simply do not care. We also have met people who are just givers who care so much about others in need.

This Christmas is one we are excited about because all can be involved!!

If your a giver you will jump on this.

Only 1 donation not much to ask.You can donate money if its easier. Look on our blog or our website and donate with a credit card & debit card safely and securly with button on either site!

What if that does not appeal to you well do you have a store near you?

You can send a new toy, coat, clothes whatever to Heavenly Angels in Need or ask for the direct area we are donating for this year I can send you the address. (Be sure to wrap your present!! no war toys please, because of where these kids have been.

Who are we serving for Christmas?

We have refugees from Thialand (Burma) families with children who have nothing! Literally.

Thay have never had or heard of Christmas before. Think about it!! Your children with nothing, if that doesn't affect you what will??
I know you will probably have good intentions and even offer to help, but will you follow through?

Will your kids go without this year? Probably not, even our poorest children in the US are far richer then these children. Please watch real video's of some of these families we are covering

If you think you have nothing to offer please think twice!!

Like I said we can send you the direct address to where to send the items or send them to

Heavenly Angels in Need
P.O. Box 2394
3113 Columbine St.
Lebanon, OR 97355
Need a reciept please log in when you have made a donation to and fill out the form.

We are a 501 c (3) charity and would be more then willing to send you a reciept.

God bless you this holiday season!!
Mary Glynn

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