Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Memory Box Division Needs

Memory Box Division
3079 M. Avenue
N. English, Iowa 52316

MB Needs

Paper M ache` boxes all sizes and shapes needed
Wooden Types
(stains:all colors needed)
Acrylic paint (All colors)
Various types of paint (all colors needed)
Paint Brushes (All sizes needed)
Material (Cloth)
Mod Podge Glue
(Glue: all kinds needed)
Lace (All sizes and colors)
Satin type material
Musical parts (to create a musical memory box)
Felt (all colors needed)
Stencils (all types needed)
Rub on type stickers/stickers (Appropriate type)
All Scrapbook type decor`
Small scrapbooks to create for parents
Journals for grieving moms
Small picture frames
Cameras (Disposable type)
Ty type toys (small enough toy to put in box)
Card Stock paper (to make nice certificates and labels)
All types of d├ęcor (appropriate for occasion )
Sealer (Spray and paint on types)
Bereavement cards
Beads for making memory bracelet's or rosaries
(or finished)
Other memorial items considered
Any Burial type clothing (all sizes needed)

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