Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A my space advertisement

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Heavenly Angels in Need is a wonderful warm loving charity that cares for babies no matter how small to children all the way to 18 years old. (We are a 501 c3 charity and can offer receipts for all donations)

Our mission is to serve anyone that comes our way!

We need crafters who knit, crochet, sews, paints and more!
Ok so you don't craft what can you do?
Well we need
1. Monetary donations- You can visit our website and commit to give monthly or a onetime donation [levels of giving program]
2. SKB (Special kids bags)- where we need hygiene products, bags to put items in, pajamas, bottles,diapers,books,games (remember we give to all ages)
these bags are created to give to children taken out of trauma such as abuse, fire, car accidents etc.. we have a better list on our needs for this [printables button on our website]
3. We need woodworking supplies [you can order supplies and have them shipped to us]
4. We need school supplies and backpacks
5. We need toys
6. We need Office Supplies
7. We need t-shirt transfer paper
8. We need you to advertise for us
9. We need magazine com panies to do an article on HAIN
10. We need you to join us if you would like to be APART of an awesome charity that serves others in need

If your interested in advertising we have tons of banners on my profile. Pick a number and I can send you the code!

Here is a short video your welcome to put on your site or watch too see more of what we do!

Get this video and more at

to get code :

Or pretend you are replying back to this message. Copy code then post in your profile!

Thank you all for your help. We can't touch families or the hurting if we don't have help of volunteers!
HAIN is ran by volunteers and needs volunteers!
our email :

Sincerely, Mary Glynn

Heavenly Angels in Need
P.O. Box 2394
Lebanon, OR 97355

Your donation will help thousands of lives! Anything you can offer will help no matter how big or small!
We have paypal on our website or send us a check or money order!


Wool Winder said...

Great new look to this blog. I need to update my blog side bar and add the HAIN button. Hope to do that soon.

HAINAngel2000 said...

If you need a button I have a code for you!!