Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Garbage Bag Holder

Materials: Bernat 100% Cotton yarns (or other types you prefer)
Size 8 Circular Knit needles.

CO 70 stitches (If you decide for a long tube instead of the short round then CO less stitches making sure its an even amount) Put a marker or use a different color yarn to seperate the beg row from the end.

Since this is worked in the round you do not need to purl stitches it will be stockenette with just knitting each row.

Knit 2 rows
(eyelet row)then Knit 2 tog, YO, Knit 1. Repeat until end of row.
Then knit all rows until the bag holder is the size you prefer. I made mine about 10 to 14 inches.
Then when the holder is the size I prefer
you Do another eyelet row.
Then knit 2 more rows.
then BO all stitches across.

Make 2 chains (Top chain needs to be longer)(crochet, by hand or whatever way you prefer) weave a chain in the top eyelet row and the bottom. The bottom eyelet row you genetly leave loose so you can pull your bags through it (make tie close to bag)and with the top chain you weave through and lightly tie towards the top of the bag making it where you can hang the bag. So make it where you can tie and untie as needed to hang it where you choose. Weave in ends..

Load the garbage bags in the top (wal-mart bags) If your using this in babies room, kitchen or even the bathroom to use for a washcloth holder its up to you have fun with it!

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