Saturday, July 19, 2008


I am getting the run around trying to get our .com site pointed to our new host, and our old host from before Brinkster won't respond to my request to move the .org site! I have no grace right now. I am so frustrated I feel like throwing myself to the floor and throwing a tantrum! Ok I can't use my email because our .com site isn't being pointed over to our new host becuase I do not have access to the old email I used when signing up for the account in 2003 to get our .com domain! Plus they can't email the info account to verify it there either. Then all of a sudden my suppose phone number they tried calling and my answering machine though on won't allow them to leave a message!

GIRLS I am HOT! I may need prayer cuz mamma bear is comming out of her cave. HAIN's reputation is at stake having it offline for so long I am p________________ed

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Samantha (26Trombones) said...

Oh Mary, I am so sorry to hear about all these frustrations! Goodness, I would be hopping mad too! Hopefully they're just "out of the office" for the weekend and will get back to you no later than first thing Monday morning. I will send up some extra prayers for all this to work out soon. I must say that the link you e-mailed to us a week or so ago with a "sneak peek" of the new site was REALLY neat! I love how the new site is going to look! Well worth the wait, I think! :) And there's no need to doubt yourself, Mary--just look at all the people in the Bible who God chose to do great things for Him. Moses is one who comes to mind in particular--he argued and argued with God that He had picked the wrong man to convince Pharaoh to release the Isrealite slaves. And of course we can't forget your namesake, the Virgin Mary. She also argued with the Angel Gabriel that she was not the right one to be the mother of Jesus since she was not married (but in the end she said that if it was God's Will, she would do it). Take courage in these stories--you are living proof that things like this still happen even today :)

And some happy news, my pregnant friend (who was spotting) got her labs back. Everything looks good so far, praise God! Thank you so much for your prayers! :)