Friday, July 18, 2008

purchased our new host package

I did finally purchase the package. Its 49.00 a month but its well worth it for the awesome support that we have experienced with these guys (with our forums).

Anyway it will be at least 24 hours however, due to waiting for our past host to point our domains to the new hosts and before the web catches up with it.

They are trying to get our forums loaded however!



Dawn said...

hooray! progress!!!

i can't wait to see the new site!

HAINAngel2000 said...

well ahahahahaha I can guarantee you won't see much right now. I am not so sure I should have been in charge. Besides I am still working on it, literally page to page
and our intro page is not complete because I can't get the stinken flash video to work!

I am thinking about buying adobe flash. I NEED IT!

Cheryl said...

Yeahhh!!! Keep going Mary --- God's working with you!
Love and hugs :)

HAIN Holiday_Angel said...

See you in just a bit. Haven't seen Brian yet so waiting. Tab wil be out later in my Cadi. I gave Anna Vandenhazel this site because she said the emails keep bouncing back. I don't even have your email! Don't know how that happened. I also email Bonnie that we are communicating here.
Glad to see everyone here and hope all get back on line soon.
Blessings to everyone,

Anonymous said...

Yipeeee! - Elaine

Angie said...

I am sending good thoughts. It will all work out in due time! Then it'll be a better site in the end!