Tuesday, July 15, 2008

While our site is down

Our site is down at the moment. We are rebuilding it! (And also getting a new host)

Anyway I miss all you HAIN addicted members. I know I am addicted...

Post a reply and let us know how you are..


HAIN Holiday_Angel said...

Hope all goes smoothly and quickly. Hello to everyone!

Samantha (26Trombones) said...

Hello Mary and all the HAIN volunteers! I miss you all too! Extra prayers heading your way to get all the kinks in the road straightened out soon :)

I've received a whole lot of lovely yarn from Dawn (vasunrise) and a bootie pattern book, so you can just imagine what I've been up to in the last few days, ha ha ha!

Today is also my husband's birthday, and we went hiking up Stone Mountain! What a lot of fun! My 1-year-old went in our baby carrier backpack, and our 3 y/o son made good use of his legs and walked all the way up and down the mountain! We saw some teenagers struggling to climb up about 1/2 way up the mountain, while we were on our way back down again. I felt like saying "Don't tell me you're tired already, my THREE YEAR OLD just walked all the way up and now we're going back down, no problem!" :) Not surprisingly he's sound asleep right now. And Mommy's tired too... now would be a good time to settle down with another pair of booties methinks!

God's blessings to you all,

HAINAngel2000 said...

Samantha, LOLOL Doesn't suprize me with may of the over weight kids now days. :) But at least they were exercising.
That was so nice of Dawn to do for you Samantha. She is a doll. We are lucky to have her!
As many of you noticed our email is also no longer working. It won't be until Friday probably before we ca do anything for our websites. That is when we will hopefully get our reimbursement.

I am a bit frustrated with the whole thing. But I know it will work out in the end!


Samantha (26Trombones) said...

Mary, you are right! At least those teens were outside, getting some exercise and fresh air! My, I am still so tired from it though! My legs don't feel bad, but for some reason my abs are just killing me, ha ha! Never would have expected that!

Darn, that is a pity that your e-mail doesn't work either now! You just "keep on keeping on" Mary, and God will sort all these details out for you soon! This certainly makes me realize how much I appreciate my HAIN family!!

HAINAngel2000 said...

Yes its been hard to be away from all of you. Love you lots!! Mary

Anonymous said...

I so miss HAIN! I hope the conversion goes smoothly! Love you all! - Elaine