Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Praying for the Unborn

Last night was a sad day for the unborn and for our nation. The unborn will be the sacrifice of our decisions. I am asking you as people to please get on your knee's and pray for the unborn, pray that the Lord protects them. Its not new that abortion exists. However what is going to be put into place is far worse. Many, many, many abortions all the way to term will take place and will be legal to do so. Infants who survive an abortion will be smothered, left to die or drown and it will be legal. Its a sad day for our nations infants. H.A.I.N. is about helping babies and children in need. We do not limit what babies mean. I do not feel that talking about abortion is political but about the dignity and rights of a human being.
I will not be quiet, I stand up to help ALL babies and children in need, no matter what gestation.
If you are interested in having a particular day for a prayer vigil for the unborn, please let us know!

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