Monday, January 17, 2011

Children's Division Bag Drive

Announcing a new event for HAIN's Children's Division!

From January through the end of March 2011 we will be holding a drive to collect and distribute Kids Comfort Bags (also known as Sibling Support Bags). Volunteers are asked to mail these bags to headquarters or to donate locally to fire departments, emergency rooms, police stations, etc. These bags are designed to provide comfort to kids in traumatic situations and include a blanket, small toy and optional activity pad/journal with age-appropriate writing utensil(s) for older kids who can use them. These bags can also be given to the surviving siblings of babies who have passed away. Check with your NILMDTS photographers and NICUs to see if they will be willing to accept and distribute these.

Making the Kids Comfort Bags is very simple. It takes a tote bag, blanket and a stuffed toy for a child. If you are interested in helping out with these or have new items that you would like to donate to this cause please check out our craft forum or email for more information.

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