Monday, May 14, 2007

An Angel being buried today

We received a call of a little baby boy that passed away and needed our help ASAP, the family is was completely broke, I mean they had nothing. We were called and I called our Region that is active in making caskets and burial gowns out of wedding gowns.

I called the family and told them we could help, and the friend who was sitting this all up started to cry and was very moved by what we offer and begin to tell me about the family and their struggles and how she felt this was one of the very things that might help heal this family.

Region 3 made plans to ship a casket and burial garments ASAP (the next morning) then by evening I get and email telling me they were going to drive it they live in WA and we live in OR. I was so personally moved by this volunteers unselfish act.

The casket and burial garments and then she made a matching memory box and more..

This is all of it together!!!
As I sit here and type this I realize that the babies funeral is in 5 min and it makes me sad to think another family will not ever see that baby here on earth again.
I just pray that this family comes together and mends through this loss.

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Selena K said...

Words escape me. It's so wonderful that you were all able to help that family.