Friday, April 06, 2007

How to Donate

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Please consider donating this Easter!
When you donate you
1. Help Premature babies receive the neccesary things to keep warm. It is very important for a premature baby to stay warm, if a baby is premature and does not stay warm the baby can lose the important weight they need to survive.
2. You can help grieving parents receive a free memory box and other memorial items free of charge.
3. You can help us supply parents who cannot afford to bury their baby with a casket
4. You can help children who cannot afford school supplies, have them supplied to them free of charge
5. You can help give important items to get a fresh start to children taken out of abusive situations.
6. You can help us with buying yarn, materials and other such items to make blankets, clothing and other needed items
7. You will help us give hats to kids with cancer
8. You will be helping us keep our website up and bring awareness nationwide
9. You will be helping us create burial garments out of donated wedding gowns.
10. You will help us reach our world "One Angel at a Time"
There are many, many ways to help!!
1. Monetary Donation (go to our website and click on "love gift"
2. Donate yarn
3. Donate sewing supplies
4. Donate Crochet and knitting supplies
5. Donate handmade items
6. Donate Paper Mache boxes
7. Donate clothes (new or gently used)
8. Donate Office supplies
9. Donate your wedding gown, prom gown, (other types) all colors and conditions are welcome. No special shipping instructions.
10. Donate your story to go into our newsletter!
11. Advertise for us
For companies your welcome to donate to our charity and we would be honored to recognize you in our newsletter (seen nationally) and on our website in the FYI: Thank you section
Please go to our website and see how you can help!!! (click on banner above)
Sincerely, Mary Glynn

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